Where Is Everyone?

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It is day two of move in for SEMICON West 2009 and there is already many booth structures up and nearly complete. There are a few things of interest to note as well. SEMICON itself is back to where it used to be, just in North and South halls. Intersolar North America is in West hall and none of the SEMICON exhibitors are there this year. With some of the bigger players from previous years not attending this year, there is plenty of open space on the show floor. In the back left corner of the South hall, where ASML usually is, is a wide open space that looks like it will become some meeting area. There are noticeably wider aisles, more space on the sides and back, and less machines. It is a good sign though that some exhibitors did bring their equipment and machines to the show though.
We had some freight being delivered to site today that had to be checked into the marshalling yard before 3pm as it was closing. The truck arrived in the yard at about 1:30pm and by 2pm, the freight was in the booth. This does mean that there are not many trucks delivering sitting in the marshalling yard today; the second full day of move in on straight time. In addition, the marshalling yard closed at 3pm today; not enough trucks to dictate the yard to be open all day. Emtpy docks in the halls as well and not many crates moving around. Granted, much freight had already been delivered and booths were up, but, it’s not like how it used to be. With the way things are, it clearly means that participation is down, people are cutting costs on shipping, drayage, labor, and more. The second day of move in used to be busy, hectic even, but not today.
With a quiet second day and the halls calm as well, one must wonder how the attendance will be this year. We’ll see how the halls are over the weekend and how many booths will be still going up. We are also curious to see how many more exhibitors arrive today versus Sunday; cost cutting measures? Just a few more days until the show starts!

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