Special Events – The SF Giants Way

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Special Events – The SF Giants Way

As a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, I am fortunate to be able to participate or attend the various festivals, events, and activities that the area has to offer. Being part of the event world in planning, producing, and coordinating events myself, it is fun to observe how the events are flowing, what works and doesn’t work, new tips and tricks, and what could possibly work for my projects.

Last night I attended an event produced by theSan Francisco Giants baseball team as part of their promotions and events for the season. As many professional sports teams do, they create and produce events to attract fans and help sell more tickets. Most promotions and events include an item or giveaway item as a draw, others are fundraiser or attraction events. Last night was the Oktoberfest event hosted by the ball club that included a stein (mug) in the shape of a baseball cleat, live music, a free beverage, and food all outside in the great weather. A large tent was errected in a parking lot near the ballpark for seating. Fans lined up to claim their free mug with the special ticket they had purchased and then spread out over the area to enjoy the music, food vendor tents that were spread out in the area, and more.

Of course, an organization such as a baseball team might have the resources and finances to produce and execute such a large scale event, but that does not mean you as an event organizer or planner are not able to do this as well. With good planning, a great location, pre and post event promotions and advertising, you can accomplish this too.

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