Showing Movement Through Letters

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Showing Movement Through Letters

A part of our projects definitely comes from past relationships and business opportunities. When you work with people and they move onto a new venture or business, it’s great when they come back to you and ask to work on something new.

The team over at L2F is a perfect example of a company comprised of individuals that we have worked with in the past when we all were at different companies and organizations. L2F was just starting out and they needed to create their brand and identity as they were starting completely from scratch. After several meetings about the company as a whole, the direction, their vision, their goals, we helped create their logo and started the process of helping with their branding and identity in the marketplace.

L2F is an acronym for Lab to Fab and we wanted to convey a process or flow within the logo that helped describe the company and it’s core business. We designed something simple, easy to understand, yet something that stood out and was a great play on words and showed a flow, with the arrow incorporated into the number 2.

Part of our creative process when working on projects such as these is to really understand the business, industry, and customer targets of our client. We want to know what will appeal and help them be successful while at the same time, create their identity and brand. Be sure to check out all of the logo designs for L2F in our Portfolio.