SC09 (Supercomputing 2009)

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SC09 (Supercomputing 2009)

Every year, Supercomputing changes cities and venues to host their popular, large, and informative conference and exhibition. Last year it was Austin, Texas and this year, we are in Portland, Oregon. The event comprises of technical programs, classes, presentations, and exhibits. The participants are a very wide range too from engineers, developers, students, researchers, professors, designers, and many more. For this event, we are here to support Voltaire, Inc. and their exhibition booth.


Our first day of installation of the booth structure began yesterday with a full day of work and build up. Luckily, our electrical lines along with the carpet and pad did get laid out on the day before, so we were ready to go at 8am. A tip for tradeshow manangers and coordinators, always try to have your utilities installed at least the day before your start of build up as this could give you a full day of work, instead of waiting a couple of hours to get the lines placed. We also had sent the boot material into the advanced warehouse for this event. This meant that our materials, crates, etc. were in the booth, ready for us to begin work. As some of you know, a large show can cause delays at the marshalling yards and docks and sometimes delaying your delivery. But beware and be sure to check out the rates for direct to show vs. advanced warehouse deliveries as the rates can vary and be higher.

With any installation, things are never 100% smooth right off the bat and you will have your struggles. Ours was some damaged freight that had a minimal effect on the booth structure but was not a major factor. With our larger elements, we did have an advantage that the neighboring booth spaces had not yet began installation, therefore allowing us to utilized more floor space for installation and setup.


By the end of day 1, we were 85% complete with the booth build and at a great point to start off day 2. With minimal structureto be built still, we only needed to patch minor damage, build up some cabinets and turn on the lights. We have a great I&D team with The Term Group up here and our guys were excellent and professional.


More updates this week as we go through a few more days of build up and then the start of the event on Monday evening. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for live updates, pictures, and breaking news.

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