Much Needed Update

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Much Needed Update

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an entry and we apologize for the delay. During our hiatus from the blogosphere, we’ve been quite busy actually. Since our last post, we wrapped up the portable pop up display and banner stand for Oncology Rehab Partners and it was unveiled at the American Physical Therapy Association CSM in San Diego. A portable display is a great economical way to get your messaging, branding, and products or services out to your target market. With many options for size, orientation, and add on features to make your booth stand out, portable displays can be the solution your are looking for to bring in more sales.

We also wrapped up another portable project for Vivus on behalf of Kikujam. There was a need for an ultra portable table top display that could incorporate graphics, text, data, and information quickly and clearly. The displays also needed to be easily put up and broken down for quick turn arounds. So solution we provided was to use a banner stand with a wide base for stability on a table top and a telescoping pole to achieve a certain height for the graphics. Instead of a full sized floor graphic, we turned it into a shorter, table sized version. The goal was to not do a traditional table top at all, but find something that would stand out and differentiate Vivus from their competition.

During our hiatus we also supported Globe X Logistics and their clients at Photonics West 2010 in San Francisco, CA. Our onsite supervision and logistics services can help you save money and time as well. We can be onsite during teardown of a show or event so you do not have to pay for an extra hotel day, a rental car, and even higher air travel rates. Our presence to help make sure your materials and booth are packed up correctly will give you piece of mind and help your budget.

One of our clients approached us with the need for a table top solution as well. However, DemandTec did not want something ordinary or what has already been seen. By collaborating with the client closely, we were able to create and develop a portable, inter-changeable, expandable, and illuminated solution. Our new portable display called the FLO, only available from Inline Connection allows you to have a table top display complete with LED lighting, lightweight fabric graphics that are inter-changeable but can also convert for other applications. You can place two of these displays together to create a custom 10’ pop up booth structure. You can also customize the FLO display to be a kiosk, entry way graphic element, and much more. If you are looking for something new and eye catching, the FLO display is perfect for you.

At the end of April, we assisted Voltaire with their booth at Interop Las Vegas 2010. The booth was a 20 by 20 foot area complete with a brand new hanging sign, new fabric graphics to wrap the conference room, and illuminated display counters. Keeping consistent with the look and feel we have been utilizing at previous tradeshows for Voltaire, we were able to create a space that incorporated multiple product areas, and open flow of traffic, eye catching displays, and high visibility. We work closely with the client to create this space and ensure that it will be effective to draw traffic and in turn, help drive sales.

We have more projects on the horizon and next week, we are exhibiting at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Grand Expo (we are a proud new member!) at AT&T Park. Sign up, stop by our booth to meet us and see how we can help you. Be sure to view our Portfolio to see photos of all the new projects and check back regularly for more.

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