JavaOne Pavilion 2009

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The JavaOne Conference and Pavilion was held last week in San Francisco at the Moscone Center and we were in attendance. This event is mainly a conference filled with programs, seminars, training sessions, releases, and more. It does incorporate a Pavilion that includes exhibitors and partners within the technology community. In the past this event has drawn many attendees and participants for both the conference section and the Pavilion sections but this year seemed to be short on one end. The Pavilion was by far, much smaller than in previous years with less participation and smaller sized booths on the show floor. Most of the area was designated for open seating, large demo and other attractions, and lounges rather than participants.
In seeing this type of participation level this year and in addition to other trade shows and events, it is obvious that things are down. Yes, budgets have and still continue to be cut all over and this translates to less participation at trade shows globally. At the same time, companies and organizations are shifting their tactics and plans to better spend those dollars in other ways such as private events, direct marketing, and other forms of promotion. There are many ways to still be successful in the marketplace without being on a trade show floor; it just means being a bit more creative. If you are considering pulling out of your trade show schedule and want to find alternatives, we can help. The trade show floor is part of the puzzle, but can be replaced by another that fits just as well.

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