Free Pass Anyone?

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Free Pass Anyone?

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 10.58.26 AMHow many tradeshows and events have you tried to attend or just go to and check out what the cool new things that were on display? For anyone, not just tradeshow managers and event planners here, but those who are fans, or professionals, or anyone who just wants to see the latest and greatest or hear what the new trends are; do you feel a free pass to an event or show would benefit you?

Don’t get me wrong here (and if you are an organizer, I am not saying this is a must), events and tradeshows still need to be profitable on a certain scale to keep production costs in line and other expenditures, but how about a free pass for others sometimes. Of course, qualifications for free passes should always be in place as you do not just want anybody roaming the show floor or conference sessions. There are many shows and events that are industry or market specific that need to qualify their attendees to ensure that the correct people are there. Granted, fees are charged to those who might want to attend a conference that is attached to the event or a technical training session and I believe those are great practices. But, what about free passes to the general public for event floor access? To see new products, talk to prospective partners and suppliers, build new relationships, and garner new knowledge. How about even allowing students access on a limited basis to help bring in the future generations and get them started and excited?

The tradeshow and event industry does need to continue to make money for sure and with the past year, it has been much harder for anyone associated with this particular industry to keep those revenues up. But, looking at the future and when things come back up, why not look into those changes? There are some organizers and producers that already incorporate this practice and it’s a great thing, but there are still others who do not for whichever reasons they feel are needed. In this economic downturn, evening opening up a limited number of free passes to others could help boost revenues and interest in your event.

On that note, we will be at the Intel Developer Forum this week at Moscone in San Francisco via our complimentary pass that Intel has put out. We will be Tweeting live from the event and giving insights on our blog and what we see and hear.

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