Final Day Of Move In = Large Aisles

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As the final day of move in for SEMICON West and InterSolar North America 2009 started today, a few things of interest are of note. Not many exhibitors were on the floor bright and early at 8am and at the same time, there were still some booths that were not quite finished. We finished setting up our booth (Electroglas, South Hall, 721) in a few hours so I walked to the floor.

You will notice large open spaces in the back corners and sides. In the covered areas closer to the front of the hall, are storage and staging; once packed with exhibitors. The aisles are large, way larger than last year. Normal freight aisles that used to be thin and packed with crates, had plenty of room for forklifts and carts to go back and forth without causing a traffic jam. By 10am, I had noticed Freeman laying out aisle carpet in some areas. Empties were going out fast, very fast. By noon, main aisle carpet was being laid out as well in the back and front of the hall. That was just the South hall and in the North hall, it’s not much different. Very wide aisles, lots of empty space on the sides and back which are filled with lounges, seating areas, tables for eating, etc. In the area just between North hall and the Gateway, is empty storage. This used to be packed as well and now, nothing. Also of note, not many companies utilized the stairs or walls for advertising opportunities. Usually, the stairs, sides of the escalators, and other main traffic areas have something, but not this year.

In the West hall, which is dedicated to the hugely popular and growing InterSolar NA show, thigns are much different than North and South. This show used to be one level; it is now three. Huge stands, large areas, equipment, machines, lighting and rigging, and more. I must say, this looks like this will be a great show this year and should keep growing.

Tomorrow is the first day of the show and we will discuss the attendance and participation. It is going to be interesting to see how many will come to the show floor and who did not make the trek this year to the show as an exhibitor. Follow us on Twitter (@inlineonline) as well to get our daily updates from the show floor.

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