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coking 2009We apologize for not blogging on a daily basis for this event, so we will do a roundup post to cover what was going on during the week. We will get some photos up soon from the event as well.

This conference has a heavy focus on technical seminars, breakout sessions, techniques, training, and more. From morning group sessions, to training seminars, groups discussion topics, the focus here is more on the conference than the exhibition. There are only a about 20 total exhibitors this year, down from last, but good quality. Mostly portable displays and one company brought large display items for their booth. Since most of the equipment in this industry is quite large, it would not make sense to bring materials. We are talking football length and multiple story high products. None of that would fit into the 12 foot height we had.

The thing that was interesting to me, was that this is an event that is placed in a city or region where oil drilling and production is heavy, but not many local attendees where present. There were some people from Asia, some from Europe, some from South America, but none from the local area. One would think that getting in the local or regional companies and business associated with Coking would be there, but it did not seem to be the case. Given the economic times and cut backs, it makes sense that this event is down from the previous year, but you would think the reachout to the local industry would be there or at least a bit stronger.

I do like how the conference/meeting area and the exhibits were in an adjacent ballrooms, therefore not making you go far or to another part of the hotel to get to each section. This does deter attendees from going off on their own or not to a certain part of the event, which is good planning. Granted, we had to change the floor layout and was a major overhaul, it turned out great. This organizer produces multiple events around the globe and I hope they continue to grow and expand. It’s a great format, good flowing agenda, and focus. The locations could be a bit better (we were not near downtown and in an industrial park area with not much around) and logistics could be stronger, but that takes time.

If you or someone you know is need of any event or tradeshow onsite support as did in Calgary, please contact us. We want to help you run a smooth and effective event, anywhere in the world.

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