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We are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to support the conference, exhibition, and training this week. This is a small exhibition that has as a strong focus on technical training, seminars, and conferences. We are in a small venue that is attached to a hotel and the exhibition floor is comprised of pipe and drape areas for mainly portable displays.

The day started off early with deliveries of freight to the show floor and booths. But, our morning ran into a hitch, as one of the exhibitors brought in some rather large equpiment that nobody was aware of. Long story short, this rather large piece of equipment would not be able to get into the exhibition space given the smaller confines of the hotel conference center and needless to say, the weight of the item would have caused some damage to the flooring. Let’s just say, over 8,000 lbs. not including the lift that was starting to tip, onto carpet and over a dance floor. It wasn’t going to happen. In the end, the item was moved into a position that was suitable for everyone involved but also caused some changes. Changes that required changing the whole floor plan and layout of the exhibition and presentation space, after it had been set.

What is Coking you might say? Well, it pertains to the petroleum and oil industry and here is a Wikipedia entry about Coking. Calgary is known for it’s large petroleum refining and hence, why this event is here. In the midst of getting this event going, an article titled “Oil Sands Under Attack” was the front page headline of the business section of the local paper. The article shows how this particular industry is being looked at closely by opposition, journalists, and others and bringing this area into the spotlight, but in a negative way. Interesting timing to run a story of this nature when an event as such is happening.

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