A Refresher For The Summer Perhaps?

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A Refresher For The Summer Perhaps?

Beef Kabobs on a Charcoal BBQ -Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb CameraHow was your summer so far? Was it filled with BBQ’s and cold drinks by the pool? Did you have time for a nice getaway or at least time off? Or, did you spend your summer months planning and participating in events and tradeshows?

The summer season is typically linked to hot dogs, hamburgers and cold beverages with outdoor parties and hanging out with good friends; but not for all. For some, it means still being inside a convention center for setups, electrical orders, and making sure the freight was delivered. It means hanging out with your other friends that are on the show floor with you. The summer is also a great time to think about a refresh. Yes, a refresh of your graphics perhaps. Or maybe a refresh of your table top display showing some new services or products. You might also need to refresh your collateral and get new material for the latest release done. Or you might have been thinking of doing a refresh of your brand and image, to give it a different appeal to your target market.

Why not take advantage of the less busy summer season to start planning and getting a jump start on your refresh? Now is the perfect time to prepare for any events and shows you may have on the horizon so you are not in a mad rush later on. Contact us for more information and details on how we can help you refresh for the summer!

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